COVID-19 Insider Trading Expert

Despises Freedom Of Expression

Devout Trump Sycophant 

Conspiracy Theorist (when she loses)

Foe Of The Transgender Community


About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I still have yet to earn my seat in The Senate, therefore, I feel it's important to take another approach to what voters can focus on.

So, let's take a look at what my legacy will be.


To me, a legacy means putting a stamp on the future and making a contribution to future generations. I want to feel that MY life mattered. 


My Legacy


Think of me as someone who can take something deadly and make it profitable. Click below to learn more about my "gift."  


OMG! You want someone who will bow down and go along with anything this dreamboat says? Well I'm your girl! LOL!!! Click below.


Black Lives Matter? Freedom of expression? NO THANK YOU! My voice or no voice! Isn't that why you elect me? To tell you what to think? Click below.


"I don't see how Sen. Kelly Loeffler from Georgia remains in her role as co-owner of the ATL Dream. Her messaging, her brand & what she's aligned with does not seem to align with the inclusiveness of the WNBA. This might be the WNBA's Donald Sterling moment."

Shannon Sharpe

"Oh sure, Loeffler and her husband sold between $1.2 million and $3.1 million in stocks following the January 24 meeting about the upcoming COVID threat, but we don't care. She good."

GOP Senate 

"Transphobia is fine, Mmk? It's like arachnophobia but instead of spiders, I fear humans LOL! It's my website so I just gave my own testimonial. Deal with it."

Kelly Loeffler