Dearest Friends and Supporters

As of today, I am infected with the COVID-19 virus. This is due to my holier than thou attitude and knowing I'm better than all of you.


It's crazy to think that in late January and early February of 2020 I sold an enormous amount of stock after I was briefed about the upcoming Coronavirus epidemic. I mean, wow! Uh, 2020, you can go now! LOL!!! Anyway, this was known as "Insider Trading." And now, here I am!


I have plenty of funds while I quarantine (lots from insider trading), and I have a private jet to make sure I can fly over Georgia from time to time to check in on you peeps. Also, I'm using the "Georgia" font. GO BULLDOGS!

I will continue to not wear a mask and only look out for my personal interests. Think about it, if I came into contact with any of you, you should get checked, because if you vote for me, I'll most likely kill you.


Senator Kelly Loeffler

P.S. Support my buddy David Perdue's and other websites below.